MoBo or Processor ?

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A new system I am building and having problems with gives NO P.O.S.T.
beeps at startup even if there is no RAM on the board, how do I
ascertain if it is the processor or the Motherboard that is the problem?

My thinking is that the system "should" provide P.O.S.T. beeps
regardless of the processor working or not working as it is controlled
by the MoBo and not the processor.

PSU has been tested as good and the MoBo IS getting power

Your thoughts on this please?!

Re: MoBo or Processor ?

On Wed, 01 Mar 2006 15:42:51 -0500, Dave

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Give us more detail.
Are they new parts?
Any of them tested working?
Did you confirm they're compatible?
WHY have you not mentioned anything but the motherboard?

CPU, memory, power supply make/model/wattage.

Have you tried the clear CMOS jumper?
have you checked the battery voltage?
Have you tried the board out of a case, on a desk but NOT on
anti-static (never put a board on anti-static to run it).

Leave the memory in it- one memory module.  Reduce the
system to bare essentials- one memory module, video, CPU,
heatsink fan.  Unplug ALL else, including keybaord, mouse,
and the front panel connectors for the case, then short the
Power-On pins together with a metallic object.  

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No, it will not beep in any situations, particularly if it
never gets far enough to load the bios and execute it.

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Tested as good how?  Hopefully not with one of those
so-called PSu testers that just plugs into a board, because
those cannot test one as good, they can only find one that
has certain types of failure.

If you have a multimeter, take voltage readings while it's
in the one-but-not-POSTing state.

Presumably you have a video card or it has onboard video or
???  We can't see the system, it is always best to start
with a concise list of all major components.  Otherwise, we
know little except that you have a computer, nothing to go

Re: MoBo or Processor ?

kony wrote:
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See my thread "Problem with newly built system"

Re: MoBo or Processor ?

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I've been following your other thread "Problem with New System Build "
If I were a betting man, I'd bet MoBo.
Wait a minute. I am a betting man!

I have a small computer shop near me that I sheepishly enter whenever I run
into a problem like this. They can test the parts and swap out some stuff to
determine the culprit. They tell me how foolish I am for building my own
system when they can build one for me. I laugh and explain that that would
be BORING! I pay them by the hour, pay for whole hours, and don't skimp or
complain. Do you have someone like this around you?
I believe even CompUSA does this kind of work.

Otherwise, return the Mobo. It's the cheapest part. (If you gotta take a
wild ass stab)

Re: MoBo or Processor ?

Dave wrote:
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Make sure mb isn't shorting. Try to power it up on a workbench outside
of the case. I had this happen once and it was because I had shorted the mb.

Re: MoBo or Processor ?

Peasant wrote:
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That's the plan this evening!

Re: MoBo or Processor ?

Peasant wrote:
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Stripped the system entirely, placed the MoBo on a Phone book, installed
processor and processor fan ONLY with NO RAM, no cards, no drives.

Plugged in the main power connector to the board and the 2x2 connector
for the processor and then shorted across the power pins and SAME
result, powers up but NO POST beeps or anything else!!!

Re: MoBo or Processor ?

On Wed, 01 Mar 2006 21:59:42 -0500, Dave

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Since CPUs tend to be more likely good than mobo, PSU, or
memory, playing the odds we might rule that part out.

If you had some spare memory, or if you had a pair of
modules you could now try only the other module alone.

If you are comfortable assuming the PSU test was valid for
this use (keeping in mind that a PSU can even run one system
and be inadequate for a larger, more modern system), then
the motherboard is all that's left, presuming you also
checked the battery (low battery can prevent many boards
from working).

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