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I have a computer that I built that will not boot up. I was told the mobo
was bad so I put a new mobo in but now when I try to boot up it sounds like
sirens going off. I have never heard beeps like this before. I thought they
were coming to get me or something! But anyway the screen is blank the power
comes on fine but at first the processor fan comes on and the green light is
on for a few seconds then it will die out and start all over with the sirens
blasting. Any ideas what is causing this?

Re: mobo?

On Tue, 15 Mar 2005 01:31:29 -0500, "Jeff Houston"

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What were the prior symptoms (leading to "bad mobo"
conclusion) ?

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How would you know we're coming to get you if you've never
heard our beeps before?  You're going under an assumed alias
aren't you!  You almost got away with it but then this
slip...  just stay right where you are...

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Had the (new?) motherboard ever been tested, confirmed as

Perhaps a silly question but, "Did you read the manual and
set up the board properly?".  

Is it a generic power supply?   Do you have an alternate way
of testing it, perhaps a multimeter or another system, or
another power supply known viable for this ??? system?

A concise list of past and present system components and
history of the system could be useful.  Makes, models, etc.

Did you check the battery voltage?  Jumpers?  Clear the

Without anything more to go on, the generic answer is to
have the board outside of the case on a non-conductive
surface (not anti-static packaging) with only minimal
components necessary to POST, which is what it isn't doing
(POSTing).  CPU, heatsink/fan, video, 1 memory module.
Short the two power-on pins together to turn it on, you dont
need the front wiring harness nor keyboard, mouse, drives,
etc, to get it to POST.

Re: mobo?

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Sounds like the CPU is overheating. Check that the heasink/fan is correctly
fitted and try again.


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