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My DFI lanparty UT N250 mobo will hold 3 gigs total of pc3200.I currently
have 2x1gb sticks of XMS at 3-4-4-8 timings.I cannot find a single stick to
make a total of 3 sticks(3gb) at the 3-4-4-8 timings, however, I can get  a
3-3-3-8 stick.( I would have 2gb at 3-4-4-8 and 1 gb at 3-3-3-8)
Will this small  mismatch cause any issues?


Re: memory question

Christopher Syn wrote:
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On many motherboards, the BIOS will simply select the slowest timing
of all the sticks, and all the sticks will then run in spec. In your
case, the BIOS would select 3-4-4-8, as that is slower than 3-3-3-8.
If the BIOS does not do the right thing, you can always set the
timings and frequency manually.

Now, if this is a S754 motherboard, the more sticks you use, the
more loading on the memory bus. If the BIOS is a good one, it will
automatically reduce the memory clock rate. Which means your
memory bandwidth will drop. Some brands of motherboards, have
a table which shows the frequency used, versus which slots are
occupied on the motherboard.

For example, if you look at PDF page 21 of this Asus K8V manual

you can see the penalty for using all three slots is pretty severe.
Your 1GB sticks will be double sided, so they will load things
pretty good.

While you can manually tweak the clock frequency and set the
Command Rate to 2T, and probably run faster than DDR200, it is
still not going to run all that fast.

You had better have a good reason to want 3GB of memory, because
it is going to cost you in performance. I cannot say exactly
how much it will cost, because I don't know how much faster
than DDR200 it will manage to go.


Re: memory question

thanks, you have answered my  questions, Cheers!!!!

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