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Simple question (I hope). My Mb supports both 400MHz-PC3200 and
333MHz-PC2700 memory.  I currently have 2 256 333MHz-PC2700 Dimms in place
on the mb, and I want to add a 512 in an empty socket for 1G total.  My
question is should I buy PC2700 to be compatible with the memory already in
place, or should I buy PC3200 memory because it's faster, or is either one



Re: Memory Question

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Memory will only run as fast as the slowest stick J.
So go for the PC2700.

Re: Memory Question

On Mon, 09 Oct 2006 14:49:04 GMT, "Jack Bruss"

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Either is fine, PC3200 is backwards compatible.  Therefore,
if you find PC2700 significantly cheaper it is the better
buy but with PC3200 backwards compatible, it has a slight
reuse potential should you want to put it in another system
or upgrade the CPU later to one that (normally uses),
benefits from PC3200.

In consideration of price, value, also keep in mind that at
the same speed the lower the CAS rating (and the other
timings as well), the higher the potential performance of
the module- but as the other poster mentioned already, the
system will only run so fast as the slowest module, but
buying memory with a lower CAS than needed will also
potentially give the module more margin, decrease the
(hopefully small) possibility that it's stable at the
timings your motherboard tries to use with it in conjunction
with the other existing module.

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