Memory problems Compatability?

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I have a memory problem and I don't understand the terminology and
requirements well enough to cypher through it.

Motherboard - Gigabyte GA- 7VTXE
Bus Speed - 100 mhz... According to info gathered by Nero Info Tool
200/266 mhz FSB and DDR bus speeds (PCI 33mhz)...According to
motherboard manual
Memory support - DDR  Dram PC1600/PC2100
CPU - AMD Duron 1200 mhz

I have been using 2 sticks as follows...
Kingston value RAM - KVR 266X64C25/128
Kingston value RAM - KVR 266X64C25/256

Everything worked fine. Today I went to a PC sale and bought...
512 MB DDR PC 3200

After installationI got this message...
"While initializing device IFSMGR
Windows protection error. You need to restart your computer."

With the 512 and the 256 installed without the 126 I get this message
during POST...
"Wide range protection error".

Also, the memory test that tells the amount of memory does not appear.

And, after windows starts I get this message...
"Cannot access windows management instrumentation software. Windows
management file may be moved or missing".

I determined that erros occur with the 256MB stick installed.
With the 125MB stick installed and the 256 MB rempved, I got an error
once but then not again.

So where is the problem? Differant brands of memory? Is the 'PC3200' a
wrong type?

Re: Memory problems Compatability?

On 7 Jan 2007 15:04:22 -0800, "sofasurfer"

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I suggest that you not run windows until the system passes
memtest86+ testing for several hours looping... otherwise
you have a good chance of file corruption in addition to the
windows errors.

PC3200 is backwards compatible but it seems your board isn't
stable... it might not be stable if you had a 3rd module of
the exact memory you already had, too/instead.

What does your bios allow for the memory settings?  Your
board appears to use KT266A, which isn't particularly picky
about memory (usually), but can get picky about how much you
use.  You might try putting the modules in different slots
too, and a reasonably compromise (if it can be made stable)
might be to leave out the 128MB module.  I'd probably try
putting the 512MB module in the slot nearer the CPU, leaving
middle empty, and the 256MB in the slot nearer the board
edge.  Often they're numbered (left to right) but it can be
hard to see this labeling with board populated and in a

Your Duron uses 100MHz FSB, yes?  IIRC it does and if so you
might try manually setting the bios to run the memory in
synchronous mode, sometimes just called "100%" or 1:1 ratio,
not a +33 (MHz) mode.  This will not be much (if any) of a
performance penalty on an Athlon DDR chipset and from there
you may need to determine what memory timings each module is
spec'd for, and choose the (slowest of the 3 modules')
highest common denominator.

For example if you had two of the three modules and their
timings are spec'd as:
3, 4, 4, 7
2.5, 3, 3, 6

You'd want to try 3, 4, 4, 7 set manually in the bios (if
your bios allows this).  Remember to run memtest86+ after
any memory changes, even swapping the slots modules are
installed in, and if you get errors you might as well stop
the memtest86+ test and immediately reconfigure the memory
before retesting... no need to let it run for hours until it
seems to be continuing to run without errors.

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