Memory key 256 MB, USB

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I have an idea, but I must ask people who more understand hardware few

I wish create small (100MB) program and wish install my program and win98
(75MB) on the Memory key (256 MB), USB

1. is it possible at all?
2. if I have Memory key (256 MB), USB instead hard disk on PC, can I boot
system from Memory key (256 MB), USB?

Re: Memory key 256 MB, USB

On Thu, 28 Apr 2005 13:51:44 +0200, "PHP2"

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Yes, though your chonse motherboard must support booting to
it for it to be usable.  Plus, flash memory has limited
write cycles, enough that it would work for the most part
BUT you should put the swap file (and ideally the temp
folder too) on a ramdrive instead of continually writing to
the memory, which in effect means you need enough memory
that you could try just disabling the swap file.  

Further you might want any other extremely-highly-accessed
file(s) should be kept in system memory/ramdrive then dumped
back to the flash periodically if necessary.

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Maybe, you'll have to try it and see after you format the
key to be bootable.  Your key manufacturer may have a
utility to make it bootable (try there first) or it may be
on media that came with the keydrive, or there are some 3rd
party utilities you can find on the net with a google search
like "HPUSBFW".

Even after you make the drive bootable, you still have the
issue of whether the motherboard properly support this.  Try
setting the boot settings bios menu to each of the USB
entries in turn to see if any work.

If you have no luck doing this you could always use a
CompactFlash card instead with a "CompactFlash IDE Adapter".

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