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For the first time a year or so ago I built my first PC.  I was able to
pick my own hardware and keep out the bad pieces of hardware that dell
and other prebuilts often shove in.  They sell you the fastest
processor but then shove in crappy mother-board and you have a lot of
speed that cannot go fast.  Or stuff a slow video card with a big fancy
number name.

I have been trying to research some hardware but I am stuck on some
parts.  I was hoping the group could give me, or email me, some of the
experiences with Video cards, motherboards they have used.

1.  I am unsure what is the best video card for the money.  I do not
want to spend money on something that is going to drop in price in 6
months.  Nvidia, ATI it matters not to me.  I just want the best bang
(in reason) for the buck.

2.  What mother-board, my last one was an abit but some of the reviews
on the new ones are mixed.

Interested in hearing what other people are running and how good and
what their experiences are.  I am confused in these two area.

Thanks you very much!

Re: Me need help!

mohammed2561 says...

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1) If you don't want to buy something that will drop in price in 6
months then you'll never ever end up buying a graphics card. Ever.

2) Abit are good as are Asus.


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Re: Me need help!

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Every component in the computer follows a pricing curve. If you
want the best performance, then be prepared to pay the price.
At some level, if you buy too cheap a video card, it prevents
certain games from being playable with decent frame rates.
(Say Oblivion Elder Scrolls.) Other games might have more
reasonable requirements (Quake 3). If you know something
about the games you plan to play, you can temper your video
card choice using that knowledge. Both the video card and
the CPU have to be in proportion, because using a super video
card with a slow processor, would be a waste of the video card.

This chart has some benchmarks, to allow easy comparison of
cards. A 7600GT has reasonable performance and also fairly
low power consumption, and would make a decent mid-range
card. Usually, for charts like this, a high end processor
is used, so the processor will not be too limiting.

For either motherboards or for video cards, the customer
reviews on Newegg are handy. That is easier than getting
a thousand people to post in this thread.

What you are looking for here, is the percentage of
"Poor" or "Very poor" ratings. 2.46% and 4.36% in this case.
My assumption is the motherboard had a functional failure
when the board is judged Poor or Very Poor. There are
528 reviews in this case, so this should be a good
statistical sampling.

This motherboard has 11.97% Poor and 29.58% Very Poor, for
142 customer reviews. This would be a motherboard to stay
away from.

There are probably 1000 different recent motherboard models
out there, so without more information on what processor,
RAM type, whether you are interested in future SLI or Crossfire
and so on, it is pretty hard to recommend something. Narrow
down the range a bit, or poke around the Newegg listings.


Re: Me need help!

On Mon, 04 Sep 2006 22:32:56 GMT, (Paul)

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Sometimes it can help to ignore the percentages and focus
mostly on what the mid to low rating customers had to say.
They tend to be the ones who indicate potential problems
while some of the others have historically rated some fairly
poor products well... making me wonder if they have any
experience at all with competing alternative products or
just ticked that "high experience" box out of ego.

Granted, some of them will provide too little detail or
indicate something inconsequential, but they also help to
provide more detail on products than the ones that just
write "newegg roxxors" in a dozen different ways.

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