phone disconnected, what's going on?

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Hi all,

Anybody here used lately? I ordered a PSU and a case fan from
them recently. Since I hadn't heard anything from them, I called them and
found out their phone was disconnected.
Anybody have any recent experience with them?


Re: phone disconnected, what's going on?

No Way Dam Spammers wrote:
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Which phone was disconnected? They have at least two. Have you tried
e-mailing them at  If worse comes to worst and they
don't respond in some meaningful way then, if you paid with a credit
card, you can always have the order canceled by your issuer. Oh, and if
they aren't forthcoming you should send negative feedback to Yahoo!
Shopping to let them know.

I have never dealt with the company, FWIW.

John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

Re: phone disconnected, what's going on?

Thanks, John. Yes, you are correct, they have 2 phone #'s listed, and I
called both. And sent email. Funny, shopping with a vendor with Yahoo!
Shopping, I thought Yahoo! offered an extra level of security, but I was
mistaken. I have notified them already, and not heard back yet. We're
probably not talking fraud here; it's just that the vendor seems to be out
of business.

From what I've now read on Yahoo!'s shopping site, your still on your own.
Things probably will be OK, the Maxcool hasn't charged my credit card, but
now I'll have to order the parts again elsewhere. If that's the worst of it,
then that's good.

Maybe this explains why the customer feedback on Maxcool's site is
excellent, but the latest reviews are two years old!

Thanks . . . Ned

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Re: phone disconnected, what's going on?

On Tue, 06 Mar 2007 03:27:50 GMT, "No Way Dam Spammers"

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Keep in mind that until they acknowledge a cancellation of
your order, there's still a chance (even an expectation,
unless they've gone out of business) they may have shipped
it already or will do so at some point in the future.

How long ago did you order?  Is there any way to find out
about tracking through Yahoo instead of

It is very odd they haven't had feedback in 2 years, after
waiting a bit longer (if it hasn't been at least 10 business
days to allow them a few to ship and the shipper to get it
there) do be sure to rate them on

Re: phone disconnected, what's going on?

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 Yes, good idea . . . Thanks. I'll do that.


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