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I have purchased a shuttle (something like g-61, I think) because it
supposedly is very quiet. Indeed the power supply is super quiet as
advertised. The problem is that the fan connected to the heat pipe is
supper loud. It's actually no wonder because when I touch the heat pipe
it is really hot. So I wonder if I am missing something despite the
fact that I did buy a supposedly almost silent computer, a P4 2.8Ghz
(which according to reviews should run fairly cool), have only one
optical drive, one HD and use the on-board graphics card?


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If you want "laptop quiet", use laptop components. Pentium-M
is not a cheap processor, but it does have a low thermal output.
Too bad more products are not offered with this processor as
their basis.



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Paul wrote:
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I agree that a Pentium M certainly might help. Nevertheless, I know it
can be done without such measures. Just look at Dell. Their Precision
670 workstation is a dual CPU beast running at a fairly high clock
rates and they are d... quiet. If my Shuttle with one lowly 2.8GHz P4
is considerably louder then the 670 there certainly must be something

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If you take Conor's advice, and install a quieter fan, how
hot is your processor currently ? Try running a 100% computing
load, and see how hot your processor gets (use Prime95 or
CPUburn). If there is not much room between your processor
temperature and 70C,  you might not be able to use a much
slower quieter fan. I.e. If the processor was 43C, maybe you
could cut the fan speed in half. If it was 55C-60C, selecting
the next slowest fan might result in you getting too close
to 70C.

To know what shape your cooling is in, we need to know:

   room temp, case temp, and CPU temp, while there is a
   100% computing load on the CPU, like Prime95 or CPUBurn.


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Many shuttle users replace the stock fan with an aftermarket one from
places such as quietpc.com

Have a look at these forums. They're an excellent resource for anyone
with a Shuttle.

http://www.sudhian.com/index.php?/forums/viewforum/4 /

Grumpy Old Man.
Same shit, different day.

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rob wrote:
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First thing to check is in the BIOS to ensure that the computer is set
to automatically control the fan speed. That won't necessarily be
automatically enabled. Also, have you installed Shuttle's XPC tools? I'm
not absolutely certain but suspect that your system should be
compatible. My old Shuttle SB65G2 with a P4 3.0 is certainly relatively
quiet -- under load my P4 2.0 WinBook notebook is noisier than the Shuttle.

John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

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