Lost Logitech wireless mouse and transmitter

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I recently purchased a Logitech DiNovo cordless desktop (the one with the
separate numeric keypad) but I can't find the mouse or wireless transmitter.
I have the keyboard, numeruic keypad and station for the wireless

Can I simply but another Logitech wireless mouse (and transmitter) and use
that? Or is each set uniquely coded?



Re: Lost Logitech wireless mouse and transmitter

On Sun, 6 Aug 2006 20:14:52 +0100, "Bobby"

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I don't know but on Logitech's website in the forums, Q&A or
FAQ section (I forget which) there is a matrix of compatible
receivers to devices.  Last time I looked it hadn't been
updated to include all their curent gen. products but this
was months ago... maybe by now it has been.

What did the receiver look like?  Was it a little USB keyfob
type?  If you saw a good picture of one online (I mean for a
different Logitech product, not for the DiNovo) would you
recognize if it looked the same?  Do you know if it was
2.4GHz?  I suspect so but might as well ask.

I see a picture of a Dinovo set here,
and the receiver has a button on it.  Does your keyboard or
keypad have a sync button on them, OR, do you recall what
the function of the button was on the receiver?  

If it is to sync the channels, you may need another such
receiver, as I have a recent vintage Logitech Mediaplay
mouse with the 2.4GHz receiver but no button, the sync
button is on the mouse instead.

Re: Lost Logitech wireless mouse and transmitter

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If it is the Bluetooth set, you should be able to buy a Bluetooth
dongle from CompUSA or wherever you do your tech buying and it should
work fine.  Your keyboard, numpad and mouse all have unique addresses
that can be found by any Bluetooth unit. HTH.


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