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Hi need help finding a good brand micro power supply 300 or more
watts? Does anybody know a good brand that wont blow in six months?



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Supply system specific details like all major parts (CPU,
motherboard, video, # of hard drives.  With a limited
capacity PSU like mATX it matters more what voltages your
parts are using and we can far better gauge it by knowing a
bit about the system.

You won't find a mATX that's worth 300 honest watts, unless
the majority are from 12V rail current.  Generally the
ballpark for reasonable current on mATX is closer to 200W,
so if you push it to get 300W, you will find that shorter

There are a few remedies, depending on the specifics.  If
the target has adequate current (as shown in use, including
recovery time which can't be determined by labeling rather
than actual use) you might focus on the failure point.  If
it was just running too hot the system may need cooling
improvements, particularly if it had relied on this PSU and
it's fan for whole system cooling which is too little for
practically any system post-Pentium-3 era.  Thus a system
intake fan can offset this, especially in conjunction with a
replacement PSU fan of higher RPM (but of course, that's a
higher noise level too).  If it was venting the capacitors,
higher quality caps may be chosen as it is almost never that
premium grade caps are used in most mATX PSU.

In short, mATX isn't engineered to accomdate 300W properly,
when a system needs that much power it is among one of many
reasons to use a larger form factor PSU.  Along these lines
you might find one solution is to buy a replacement case
that accepts a regular PS/2 form factor PSU.

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