Looking for DC Axial fan that is all metal

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I'm looking for a DC Axial cooling fan that is 80mm x 80mm x 25mm
(could be 30 or 40mm too, the thickness isn't as important). The
voltage could should be 12V, although 5V or 24 would work too.

One of the criteria is that the fan be constructed of all metal. This
includes the frame of the motor as well as the blades/impellers.

Does anybody know of a source for these type of fans. I have tried
Evercool, but have not heard back from them as their headquarters are
in Taiwan I believe.


Re: Looking for DC Axial fan that is all metal

eljainc wrote:
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Try starting with a Google search for "80x80x25 fan aluminum" minus the
quote marks.

This fan comes to mind, not 100% sure about the blades but the picture seems
to indicate that they too might be aluminum.

Re: Looking for DC Axial fan that is all metal

On Tue, 29 Sep 2009 10:59:35 -0700 (PDT), eljainc

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I hate to be nosey (not really), but why must it be all
metal?  Metal tends to transmit more vibrations, and if it
is a matter of temperature the electronics and bearing are
more subject to problems than the typical plastic fan frame.

Comair Rotron is one brand that comes to mind, more likely
having something all metal in this smaller size.

Re: Looking for DC Axial fan that is all metal


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Also, does it need be aluminum or steel, (which), what RPM
is your target?

While there are a few industrial DC axial fans that are
small and metal framed it is pretty uncommon for the blades
to be metal, as they tend to be flat blades that don't
perform well compared to molded plastic.  Certain types of
plastic are more temperature resistant than others, brands
like Nidec, Comair, Papst, Sanyo, some Panaflos for example
but if it is intended for a high heat area go with dual ball
bearings... sleeve bearings would probably go dry and wear
out before the heat effected the blades.

If you were looking for 12cm AC axial fans it might be
easier to find some.  Perhaps use of a 12V DC to 110/220V AC
inverter and 80mm to 120mm fan adapter is possible?

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