Lian Li TR-3A Fan Controller Temp sensor connections

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I purchased a Lian Li TR-3A 3.5 LED thermometer & Fan controller for my Lian
Li PC-V1200 ATX computer case yesterday and I'm trying to figure out a few
things that don't seem to be explained very will on the back of the box
where the installation instructions are. In fact the Instructions for
installation are very undetailed and sketchy at best. I need to know where
to install the temperature sensor leads that says SYS-f and SYS-r . Also as
for as the CPU temperature sensor lead is concerned where exactly do I tape
it to on the CPU heat sink/fan,  also there is a hard drive HDD LED
connector attached to the TR-3A. Does that go the motherboard HDD LED pin
connector or not and if not where does it go?.If anybody has the answers to
these questions please reply to this post. Your prompt replies will be

Thank You

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