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 What do i look for when choosing a 19" lcd monitor?? And what about
widescreen?? Any advantage by choosing widescreen?? What numbers do i need
to look at when choosiong a lcd monitor?? Mostly for gaming.

Re: LCD??

On Sat, 26 Aug 2006 06:18:01 GMT, "Dansker"

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Price versus:

Response Rate
Bit Depth
Uniform Backlighting
Case Styling
(more, whatever matters to you most)

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If the things you're doing are significantly wider than 5:4
ratio, yes.  If not, no, unless you'll primarily have two
windows open side-by-side.

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Response rate

Most older and near-recent games can't do widescreen
resolutions, for those widescreen is a terrible choice, but
it's bound to be better supported in the future and a few
current generation titles.

Generally speaking, widescreen is chosen if watching DVDs or
other widescreen multimedia is more important than anything
else, even Windows applications because the vertical
resolution of 900 on a 19" widescreen is limiting for many
uses due to the toolbar and other info most commonly
presented at the top and bottoms of applications... but not
all apps, some are just the opposite so you have to consider
things you already DO on a monitor, moreso than things you
might or might not.

Re: LCD??

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I'm very happy with my LG Widescreen 20"=20 =

I had this LCD for one week, It ROCKS!! I have BF2, DOD source,COD2, =
Guild Wars, CIV4, ...many more...only one game looked stretched and that =
game is 4 years old.  However, make sure you have a very good video =


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