Laptop to 47" 1080p TV via HDMI

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Hey Guys,

I got a new 'gaming' laptop, it's natural resolution is 1440x900, and it has
a nvidia 9600M GT video card which is pretty sweet.

When I plug it into my LG 47" TV via HDMI it chooses to start at 1360x768,
which looks fairly decent. However the 47" can go to 1920x1080 and in the
past it's looked best like this with other computers (my two desktop
computers). But when I crank up the laptop to 1920x1080 it looks pretty bad,
it's not centered, etc.

I know it's the laptop, not the TV.   But the laptop is using recent nvidia
drivers (v179.48), with an awesome video card that should not have any
problems outputting perfect 1080p.  Not sure if there are LG drivers out
there somewhere that could solve this problem, I never had to use any before
with my desktop computers, so I doubt that is the problem. But maybe I'm
missing a config screen hidden some where that I can fine tune how the
nvidia gpu is outputting/centering .. i dunno

Anyone have suggestions?

Re: Laptop to 47" 1080p TV via HDMI

Nevermind... I figured it out:

For some reason when I changed the HERTZ setting from 60 to 59... and it
looked fine... so I turned it back to 60... and still looks fine....
fixed... buggy nvidia drivers... I dunno... but im happy now

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