Laptop sudden shut off, completely - help please

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My Toshiba 1305 S204 laptop has recently started to shut off suddenly
when I use an AC adapter for power.  It seems to work fine without any
incidents when running on battery power but only happens when it is run
with the AC adapter.

I used the manufacturer's recovery disk and reinstalled the win xp
fresh but the problem persists.  Anyone knows what's wrong and how I
can make it work again?


Re: Laptop sudden shut off, completely - help please

On 26 Sep 2005 08:48:19 -0700, wrote:

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You could check the adapter's output with a mutlimeter,
while it's powering the laptop if you can get some access to
the positive polarity while it's plugged in (might require
partial disassembly of the laptop unless you have some
piercing probe tips or can "SAFELY" open the adapter and
check at that point.

The other possibility would tend to be the power board in
the laptop.  Again you'd open the laptop and take votage
readings at various points... if that is beyond your skill
level and the board doesn't "look" bad in any way then
you're left either buying another to try or taking it to a
competent repair center.

Re: Laptop sudden shut off, completely - help please

On 26 Sep 2005 08:48:19 -0700, wrote:

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It's been my experience with laptops that sudden power outages like
this are often caused by dodgy connections on the ribbon
cables/connectors that link the various boards together.
There you are, trucking along nicely and suddenly the whole thing just
dies on you for no apparent reason.

Probably your first course of action should be to try a different
power supply. Given that these can be quite expensive it might be
worth asking a tech to test it for you - unless you can beg, borrow or
steal a PSU that's suitable for your laptop for a spot of home

If you're confident about dismantling your laptop, it couldn't hurt to
check that the internal connectors are both clean and secure.

I've found that the problem seems to occur in the summer months, when
the ambient temperature is quite high. This, coupled with the working
temperature of the machine, perhaps leads to excessive expansion
internally, which may in turn cause a connection to fail.
My old Thinkpad 770 used to do this - and out of sheer annoyance one
evening ( and not being in the mood to dismantle the thing ) I stuffed
the whole thing in the freezer for an hour, working on the principal
that if expansion can loosen a connection then perhaps shrinkage might
tighten it.
Worked a treat, and hasn't given me any problems since.


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