Laptop problem fixed.

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My Acer notebook kept freezing the video and locking the system and I
had to reboot at least once a day. The last time I had written a
paragraph and was almost done and it froze. I couldn't save or nothing.
It ended up flying into a wooden stool at ninety miles an hour 2 or 3
times. It no longer gives me any problem. After sweeping up the pieces I
went to my desktop to do what I started out to do.

Re: Laptop problem fixed.

Claude Hopper wrote:
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And it turns out that the computer had some sort of computer virus.

Here's an idea that any state can run with if it thinks it makes
sense. How about when times are good, instead of expanding the
state's budget so much, which just makes it harder to pay for when
times get bad again, start to get ahead of the curve by saving.
Eventually you could have a quarter then half a year and then
finally an entire budget year of funds socked away drawing interest
and ready for spending. You'd know what you had and wouldn't have
to estimate. What a concept!

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