laptop lcd in to moniter

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i got a loptop dell inspiron 7000 dosenot wprk anymore but the lcd is
still in good shape. I disassemble it it got an inverter in it.

i was wondering if i could turn it into a moniter.
i saw an ad on ebay for a a collection of wires and inverter and a db 15
conector circuit but i cant buy it because i'm in syria.

i would like to build something easy.
i know that lcd of laptops take digital signal but moniter not
what about dvi conector?
the lcd is samsung lt150x2-124
other numbers on the back
numbers on the inverter dp/n 0009286c rev.a01

Re: laptop lcd in to moniter

waheedkab wrote:
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You need a digital circuit, to convert from DVI or VGA, to the special interface
on the LCD panel itself. I don't think you can connect to the panel, without
an "input board" of some sort.

In this example, the board on the left is the "input" board, or "AD board".
AD means Analog To Digital conversion. The input board in this case, takes
VGA (analog) signals, and makes digital flat panel (dfp) signals. There
would be a ribbon cable (not shown), running from the "input" board,
over to the LCD panel itself.

Some raw LCD panels, have a datasheet which can be downloaded. In the datasheet,
it shows the bit pattern needed to drive the panel. The signal levels are
things like LVDS (low voltage differential signaling). The input board, converts
the scanned VGA signal, into a scanned digital pattern which goes across a flat
ribbon cable, to the LCD panel.

So, do you have the skills to deal with an "input" board, and program the
input board to make a pattern necessary to drive a raw LCD monitor ?

In some cases, the GPU on a computer video card, has an interface on it,
which may be close to being able to drive a panel. So that would be
another way to do it. Remember that, in your laptop, the motherboard GPU
has a parallel digital interface, which is the dfp standard. And that's how
you got an image in that case. If you could find the necessary pins on
a regular desktop video card GPU, convince the video card those pins form
a valid output (on the output crossbar), then you could drive the panel
that way, without an "input board".

I would class this as a moderately difficult project. You will need
a digital oscilloscope, to examine signals, and determine whether the
right pattern is present or not. Debugging a flat panel interface,
won't be easy to do by just guessing at it.


Re: laptop lcd in to moniter

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To cut a long story short, don't bother, especially if you want
something "easy".  Even LCDs have moderately fast minimum signal
rates if they are to work at all, coupled with non-standard interfaces
and frequently impossible to obtain datasheets.  

This is a question that comes up now and agin on a variety of groups
and forums I read, including several that have much more highly
skilled readerships than are present here, and "don't bother" is
always the answer, no matter what the skills base.

Even if you did have the skills to do this it would cost you far
more in components than simply buying a complete working monitor.
Hell, on a quantity one basis just the custom multilayer PCB you
would need is likely to cost more than a cheap commercially available

Andrew Smallshaw

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