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Hello --

Can anyone recommend sources for information on building a laptop, from
scratch or from a "barebook" model?

Thanks for any help.

Larry Mehl

Re: Laptop - build one

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I tried a search on "DIY Laptop" and found this:

If you are thinking this approach will be a "bargain", think
again. The companies making this stuff, all know what the final
finished price is, and if you do the math, you'll never end
up "ahead" in any sense.

An empty barebones for $1000 is not a bargain. Consider you
could buy a Shuttle and an LCD monitor, and have change left
over. The barebones laptop will always have a few hundred
tacked onto the price, a nice "bonus" for the middleman.

If there is any value in this approach, it would be in
finding a barebones with a "standard" "replaceable" video
solution. Then you could upgrade as required (limited by
the thermal and power envelope, which likely would not be
documented anywhere). One standard is MXM video from Nvidia,
which is PCI Express. Now, can you find replacement MXM video
cards for sale ?

I would not expect this market to become modular enough,
for some serious bargains to develop. Laptops are too
lucrative to be bargained away, so the component parts
will be priced accordingly.

If you can buy pallets of parts direct from somebody, then
maybe you can beat the system, and become your own middleman :-)
Buying retail, you'll get screwed for sure.

Another question I've got, is can you buy all the necessary
parts, without having to buy a Windows OS ? Like say you
wanted to do a Linux laptop, can you "just say no" to Windows ?


Re: Laptop - build one


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Basically, your best bet is to buy a whole laptop, have
someone else disassemble it while you're blindfolded, then
put it together yourself.  Seriously, the amount of
proprietary engineering going into laptops to get it all
working together properly is very high, and the
heatsinking/chassis design is evermore important these days
with CPUs, video using so much power (converted then to

If you did that correctly, all parts will fit and it will
cost far less.  If it doesn't work, at least you know all
parts "did" work, and had a chance of working again.

Re: Laptop - build one

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Although I'm sure anything is possible...
it would probably cost you a lot more to build a laptop than to just buy

Re: Laptop - build one

Let someone else build the lappy and you can have fun tinkering from
there. :)

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