Keyboard Typing Interferes with Computer sound.. annoying

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Hey all, I have the worst problem..  Im running a
asus a7n8x-delxe
 2500+ chip,
1 gig corsair ram
ti 4200 video card nvidia)
Sound Blaster Live X-Gamer 5.1 X-Gamer
Logitech MX wireless keoyboard and mouse combo

When I am playing mp3s, or any sound for the matter, and im typing,
like right now, it interrupts sound and causes little blips in it.
Does anyone know how to fix this, it is just awful and I cant seem to
fix this.

The sound actually slows down and it is not nice to listen to, just
annoying,  any help is greatly appreciated!

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Re: Keyboard Typing Interferes with Computer sound.. annoying

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Did the sound quality use to be fine or is something in your setup new?
Did you try the video card in different PCI slots?

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Re: Keyboard Typing Interferes with Computer sound.. annoying

On 21 Jun 2005 01:35:59 -0400, pepsico

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Are you using the (discrete, PCI bus based) SATA drive
controller, and/or both of the network adapters?

If both network adapters are active but you only use one,
try disabling one (then switch and try only the other one if
that doesn't help).

The SATA doesn't leave anything to do, only to recognize it
as a PCI bus (user) in competition with the SB card.  You
could try adjusting the PCI latency (higher, probably
defaulted to 32 so try 64-96) in the bios, though the SB
card probably already has a higher latency set.

You can try decreasing the (unneeded) PCI latency set to the
video card (even though it's AGP, or rather, due to it)
using one of these:

I'm not familiar with the former tool, but the description
looks promising... I do know the second one works, though
with either you'd need save the settings such that they load
at each boot.

Another alternative is a different SB card driver.  If you
have the nVidia sound enabled too, you might disable that-
as well as any other unneeded devices, though things like
serial ports may not matter in this situation... even so,
there's only potential (benefit) to disabling unused

You could try a motherboard bios update, but I wouldn't
expect it to matter- that doesn't necessarily mean it
wouldn't though.

Had anything changed on the system prior to onset of this

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