jbod file sharing issue ?

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on my pc I have two SATA drives set up as single jbod drives. If I share a
folder on either drive I can not access it from my laptop.

Yet if I share the cd drive or even a pen drive I can access it freely from
the laptop ?

I have exhausted everything- would it be due to the drives being jbod ?


Re: jbod file sharing issue ?

On Sat, 10 Sep 2005 23:19:37 +0100, "David Cleland"

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They are single drives or single spans (presumably not
single striped), not "single jbod" drives... though it's
only semantics.

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Check the properties for these drives, what access you have
allowed for them.  How do you know you can't access it
freely?  Is it only that you have no drive letters showing
up on the laptop's network neighborhood (or however it's
worded, depending on which OS?  Which OS are both using?

If Win2k or XP, have you set up a share besides the
administrative share?  More detail on exactly what you are
doing to access them, and then where in those steps it
fails, exactly, might help.  This is more of a windows issue
though, the most help would be found in a windows/networking
oriented newsgroup though this might be a simple problem
easily enough resolved here.

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No that should not matter.

Re: jbod file sharing issue ?

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thanks will post this on a windows newsgroup. If I right click on a folder
on c and share it and give "everyone" access I can see the folder from the
other machine but when I try and access it - I get a "you may not have
permission" error. If I share the cd drive the same way or even an external
harddrive it shares no problem at all.


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