Is there some trick to install a Second SATA drive?

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I got a used SATA drive.  Put it on my computer which has XP, plugged it
in a a SECOND drive.  XP did not recognize it.  I opened Partition Magic
ver8.  P.M. saw it as BAD, and would not let me create a partition.  
However, while P.M. is a great program, it does have a tendency to view
drives as bad, for no reason every so often.

I unplugged the original drive, plugged in the new drive as the ONLY
drive.  Inserted my XP Cd, and went thru the steps to create a partition
and format it.  It is presently getting formatted, so this appears that
the drive is good, but I'll have to wait till the formatting is
finished, which will take awhile.....

I'm new to SATA drives.  The "original" drive on this computer is the
first and only SATA drive I've ever used.  Most of my other computers
are old and have IDE drives.

Anyhow, I'm used to IDE drives that require Master / Slave jumpers.
This drive says right on it (SATA drives do not need Master / slave
jumpers).  So, I'm asking how the computer knows which is the Master and
Slave?  Is there some sort of setting I need to use?  Or maybe it's just
because the drive was wiped that it would not let me do anything while
plugged in as a SECOND drive.  I guess I'll know more after XP formates
it.  It's close to 50% now, but will take awhile more since it's a 320G

What will happen after it's formatted, and installed as drive #2, I'm
not sure????

I dont intend to install XP, after it's formatted.  I considered doing
it, just to make sure the drive is good, but having XP installed on TWO
drives could cause total chaos when I plug in both drives (I guess)...


Re: Is there some trick to install a Second SATA drive? wrote:
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The BIOS has the notion of arbitrarily labeling SATA
connectors as the "Master" connector or the "Slave"
connector. This is effectively for book keeping purposes.

When the BIOS runs in Compatible IDE emulation mode, using
the SATA ports, then one of the SATA connectors corresponds
to the master position of an IDE cable. The other would
be the slave. And commands issued for a master or a slave,
would get routed to the appropriate SATA connector. This
has nothing much to do with anything, except as a matter
of backward compatibility.

You will also see your SATA drive rated as "UDMA5" or
"UDMA6", when using software that lists hardware. This
has no meaning to the actual transfer rate on the
SATA cable. The SATA cable is 150/300/600MBps whereas
the UMDA ones are lower. The system is not limited in
transfer rate, by the "fake" UDMA number. But again,
that exists for a certain compatibility setting choice
in the BIOS.

Win98 can boot a SATA drive, if the Southbridge supports
Compatible IDE emulation on the SATA controller. And that's
why this stuff exists, as a means of legacy support. On
more modern OSes, this master/slave thing is a joke.


The opinion of Partition Magic is not to be trusted. It
analyses the MBR first thing. If the contents of the MBR
do not meet its strict requirements, PM will exit with
a snotty error message. It doesn't like megabyte alignment,
such as set up by Vista or Windows 7.

You need to "clean" the disk if that happens, and you want
to continue to use PM.

Instead, you could try Disk Management, wipe all the partitions
and fool around in there. Then, after it is wiped, try going back
to Partition Magic.

If still having problems, the OS has "diskpart", a command line
program. And it has an option called "Clean". But every OS has
a different version of diskpart, and maybe your OS doesn't
have it.

You can even use a copy of "dd" to zero out the MBR. And
that would also keep PM happy.

I would prefer you start with Disk Management, and see
if that was enough to fix it. As the other methods are
more "barbaric".


Re: Is there some trick to install a Second SATA drive?

Paul wrote:
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The other possibility, is the drive is sick. And you
should install HDTune and check the SMART tab. You can
also do a surface scan in here (no file system is needed).
If the scan shows "all green blocks", then that's a good


Re: Is there some trick to install a Second SATA drive?

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I'll give this a try.  I'm not sure where to download Disk Management

Re: Is there some trick to install a Second SATA drive? wrote:
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It is built into your OS. On a number of them, it would be

    Start : Run : diskmgmt.msc

In other words, where a Windows OS has a place to type the
name of an executable program, you can use "diskmgmt.msc"
to access the Disk Management built-in program.

Looks like this. Clicking on a partition, you can use the
menu to "Delete" it. As an example of a thing you can do.

The program known as "diskpart", offers a command line
version. The proper Disk Management offers a GUI window.


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