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Re: Is it my RAM? Please help

Kevin M wrote:
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I suspect a power problem or a part of the motherboard that shouldn't be
is grounding against the case.  Check to make sure your board isn't
making contact anywhere it shouldn't be.  The act of taking out a stick
of ram and setting it back in might just be flexing the board enough to
where it solves the problem until the case gets bumped slightly and it

I've seen video problems where the traces leading up to them have very
minor cracks and sometimes you would plug in a monitor and it would
work, and sometimes it wouldn't. Sometimes that can happen with RAM and
PCI card slots when you seat and unseat them forcefully or just
frequently. (Every time you install something you flex the board a
little bit to get it in...) That is another possibility and a little
harder to spot.  Those can usually be repaired, but unless it's a nice
board or you know how to do it yourself it's usually cheaper to replace
it. (FYI they sell copper tape that is sticky on one side & you can cut
to the shape you need to repair traces and even solder to it. Of course,
you have to get in there with an exacto knife and scrape a bit to get a
good connection before you lay it, but if you do end up buying a new
board and still have the old one you might try to repair it. I've saved
a couple boards this way.)

UDATE Was" Is it my RAM? Please help"

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the HD
Well, it must have been my RAM.  I replaced my Corsair TwinX  RAM (1GB) with
2GB of Centon RAM and now my machine has no problems, fires up everytime.
Kinda sucks though cause I spent a good dollar or two on the Corsair
thinking I was getting the good stuff.  Oh well, I'm really glad I no longer
have the problem.  Thank you to everybody who gave me their input.

Re: UDATE Was" Is it my RAM? Please help"

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Corsair has a lifetime warranty.

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