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Re: Intel Core Duo or AMD X2

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Its the same reason AMD's 2.4ghz beats Intels P4 at 3.6ghz. Its all about
IPC, or Instructions Per Clock.

AMD's A64 cores are simular to what the P3 design was (in IPC), and thats
why the mhz didnt increase very fast. The P4 does ALOT less work per mhz,
and therefor could scale up the mhz range alot faster. This created a false
sence of the P4 being a better CPU, just because it had a higher ghz rating.

The CoreDuo is a evolution of the P3, P3M and then PM (dothan, mobile cpu)
by Intels Israeli designers.

The CoreDuo does more work than a P3, the AMD A64 and ALOT more work than a
P4 per mhz hence its rather small mhz rating

From Overlag - Adam Webb

Re: Intel Core Duo or AMD X2

"Adam Webb"
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"The Core architecture, meanwhile, is the opposite of a speed demon; it's a
"brainiac" instead. Core has a relatively short 14-stage pipeline, but it's
very "wide," with ample execution resources aimed at handling lots of
instructions at once. Core is unique among x86-compatible processors in its
ability to fetch, decode, issue and retire up to four instructions in a
single clock cycle. Core can even execute 128-bit SSE instructions in a
single clock cycle, rather than the two cycles required by previous
architectures. In order to keep all of its out-of-order execution resources
occupied, Core has deeper buffers and more slots for instructions in flight.


Re: Intel Core Duo or AMD X2

Intel C2D

Took Intel a while to catch up on AMD, but its Intel C2D for the win just

No contest.

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