installing thermal sensor on AMD CPU

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I am installing a Thermaltake Cooler onto an AMD64 3500+.   I would like to
take advantage of its fan automatically adjusting its speed as required.
This entails installing a 'thermistor'.  The installation guide says that
the thermistor sensor must be placed under AMD CPUs.  This does not make
sense to me as there are 939 pins there and I am concerned that placing a
wired probe amongst those pins may cause some shorting out.  Can someone
explain just how I am to do this>  I could not find any detailed info on
this at Thermaltake's web site.


Re: installing thermal sensor on AMD CPU

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Can you not just use the motherboard header and let it control the fan


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Re: installing thermal sensor on AMD CPU

On Thu, 29 Dec 2005 23:35:57 +1000, "nospam"

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It might be helpful if you mentioned the specific cooler
model and linked to manufacturers product page or a good
review providing more detail about it.

Not knowing exactly how it's set up, one option might be to
carefully bore a hole into the side of the 'sink (metal
base) just barely big enough for the sensor, taking care to
deburr the hole and finish it well so it wouldn't have much
of a chance to short out the sensor leads, then fill in the
hole with thermal compound and plug it, or permanent
installation with thermal epoxy- so there is far better
thermal conductivity to the sensor from the metal.

I would not try to wire a sensor between CPU socket and CPU,
perhaps what they had meant was to put it wedged inbetween
the bottom of the 'sink and the CPU carrier (just beyond the

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