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I making a page about what the ideal parts are to build a system with.

I would like some feedback on it is all.


Re: ideal PC build

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Does any "ideal system" suit all users?  E.g. I
need to design a new system, but for only my own
uses, viz. conversion to CD of (classical) music on
vinyl or tape, as well as home database, accounting,
writing etc.  It seems hard to get specific advice about
(a) peripherals e.g. hi-fi speakers;
(b) PC "media" components e.g. 24-bit audio that
are not necessarily games-oriented (no video);
(c)  OS.  I stuck so far with Win98SE since OK
for current hardware and software (and I still use
one DOS app, EMACS).  If obliged to learn a
new OS I would prefer it be Linux than either
XP or Vista -- but there might be a very steep
learning curve if the best new hardware and
software (for my music needs) were Windows-
oriented let alone Windows-only.

Where should I seek advice -- in a general NG
like this or some specialist media or music NG ?

Don Phillipson
Carlsbad Springs
(Ottawa, Canada)

Re: ideal PC build

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I think it will be very difficult to create something like you describe.

First of all, there is no single ideal system.
One wants cpu power, others want high speed database access, others
want gaming but how?
Budget, mid-range, best bang for the money, or framerate hungry gamers?
Server? Workstation? Just data store? 3d rendering system?
Every goal has another solution.
And every buyer has another budget in mind.

Also, computer parts and prices change so often, it's hard to keep track of
what's good and what's not.

Maybe.. just thinking now.. maybe you could create a list for each part of a
computerlike cpu, gpu, memory, monitor and so on.

Give each item in each list some values ranging from 'simple and cheap' to
'extremely powerfull and extremely expensive'.

Then maybe some selections what the user thinks is more important: is
graphics more important or processing power, or just data storage.

Using these selections you might be able to select a range of suitable
components.. but even then... You also have to consider compatibilities
between components.

I think you're up to something impossible.

Just my 2 cents.


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