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I suspect my presence near the Personal Computer is probably causing a lot
of dust to be sucked into the PC over time. So in a way the PC also acts as
a Personal Dust Sucker. Except I don't want it to suck in dust.

So here is my idea for a solution: a Personal Dust Sucker.

I would buy such a device, and place it next to me on the desk or so, and
then it starts sucking dust particles which my body is shedding faster than
my PC would, in the hope that my PC would stay much more clean.

Added benefit could be: Less house cleaning to do.

I think such a device is worth of an experiment, you build it, I buy it and
test it out ;)

  Skybuck =D

Re: Personal Dust Sucker

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Or more cheaply:
1.  Wash often and "exfoliate" (explained in cosmetics
advertizing if you do not know the term.)
2.  Wear a hairnet (as in packaged food factories) or else
shave daily all exposed skin.
3.  Dress in a robe of some fabric which for whatever
reason (texture or electric charge) makes your skin
fragments stick to it rather than float into the atmosphere.
4.  Daily cleaning of your PC room with a vacuum cleaner
will support ## 1-3.

Don Phillipson
Carlsbad Springs
(Ottawa, Canada)

Re: Personal Dust Sucker

Don Phillipson wrote:
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Or perhaps he could just stick his fingers in a power socket..


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