IC7-MAX3 SIL3114 RAID problem.

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Help appreciated,
my comp.
MB Abit IC7-Max3
Ram Corsair twinx 512
Processor P4 3.0 E 800mhz FSB
HDD WD 40GB (IDE), HDD WD 120GB x 2 (Sata)
OS Window 2000 pro (primary), and winXp pro
PSU 450watt

 I'm trying to setup a RAID system (my
first) on the SIL3114 RAID controller (onboard myMB) ... I have the 120's
setup on SATA 1
and 2 (could this be a problem) ...

I've managed to get the Intel RAID controller to work after changing some
setting in the BIOS but I'm trying to use the SIL3114 RAID controller as
I've read on a number of threads that it is faster.

The problem is when I try to start the program to create the raid sets by
pushing F4 or CTRL S during boot up, I get the message that says No Devices
Found. Utillity Disabled, Press any key to continue ...

I don't understand why this is as the uitility can start with the Intel
controller and it can detect the hard disk drives just fine.

Should I update my BIOS or drivers or is there another utility to use with
the SIL3114 RAID controller.

Any ideas or suggestions are more than welcome.


Re: IC7-MAX3 SIL3114 RAID problem.

On Mon, 10 Oct 2005 16:44:47 +0800, "Jerry Chong"

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yes it could be the problem

Each controller, controls it's own ports.  If those are
ports for the Intel controller then you need to switch the
cables to the other controller's ports, at which point it
should see the drives when you go into the raid
configuration menu.

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