hp w19e monitor audio alert

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got a infuriating issue with a hp w19e monitor and vista
a monitor alert screen pops up at random
it has a blue border, about 4 inches on each side and says audio 100%
its not telling me what is wrong
often it will not go away and just sits in the middle of the screen
if i hold in the auto button on the monitor it will sometimes
dissappear but will pop up again randomly
before vista was loaded we had no issues like this
my sound is working fine and music plays ok

hp have not been helpful with this issue

thanks in advance for any tips or info

Re: hp w19e monitor audio alert


Quoted text here. Click to load it

It is most likely indicating the mechanical pushbutton
switch for the + audio is either failed or stuck.

You could try squirting some silicone spray into the gap,
but the better, more laborious solution would be pull the
case cover off, remove the switch panel PCB (might be
plastic-welded on instead of screwed, in which case you'd
need some kind of adhesive to reattach it after gently
drilling (or melting, with a hot nail or heat knife, etc) it

Once the strip is off you can pull the pushbutton out and
wash if dirty, and more closely check the spring-action of
the switch itself.  If the switch itself has failed you have
few alternatives but to either source a compatible
form-factor replacement (digikey is one place to look) or
completely desolder it, loosing the audio increase function.
If it doesn't distort at full volume this option may not be
so bad since the system audio mixer (software/OS control)
should still have control over output volume level.

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