HP 510n gettiing rid of Linux to use restore disc

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Hope I am in the right place. I need some help. First I am not that
good with

computers but I like learning the little that I have. I have a HP 510n

that I got on e-bay that came with win 2000 on it and i went on the
internet and

got the restore discs and testored it to its original witch is win xp
home and

was very happy with it. And then I decided that I wanted to play with
Linux and

don't like that so now I want to put the restore disc in and put
windows back on

and when I put the restore disc in it says push any key to boot from
the disc

and when I do that the screen goes black and nothing happens. Can
anyone help?

This is a second machine that I like have so I can get stuff from the

if I have to with my other machine.
Thank YOu in advance to anyone that can help

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Re: HP 510n gettiing rid of Linux to use restore disc

Sog wrote:
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Try a document like this one.


If Linux is still bootable, and you can get to the Linux desktop,
the "cfdisk" program can be used to edit partitions. You could try
removing Linux that way, by deleting the partitions in the list.

That PDF document also suggests the disk dump (dd) command, as a tool
of destruction. By using it to write to the raw disk interface, you could
erase the first sector, and maybe that would be enough to get Windows
to accept the disk. This command uses the /dev/zero as a source of
zeros (i.e. to zero out the sector), and the destination is /dev/sda.
Using the Linux "df" command, you can get some idea as to what the
correct name for your disk is. It might not be /dev/sda, but be /dev/sdb
etc. bs is the block count. A count of one is presumably going to wipe
out only the first sector. It should take only a second for this command
to run, and after this, Linux won't boot any more.

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=512 count=1

If your Linux asks for root access, and there is no root account set up
as such, you'd use the sudo command, as in

sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=512 count=1

Finally, if you've now damaged Linux enough, so that it won't boot,
but still Windows will not install, there is the DBAN disk eraser.
Note - be careful with this program - it deletes *all* connected
hard drives. The only hard drive that should be connected to the
computer, when running this program, is the disk you want erased.
You boot the computer with DBAN, then issue a command like "autonuke".

http://dban.sourceforge.net /


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