How to use a PC with only SATA drives present

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I used to have a system with 2 IDE HDDs which were used for data and backups
mainly. Eventually I was going to use one of them for an alternative OS, but
more about that in a bit. My OS and applications were present on my single
SATA drive.

This system died rather spectacularly when the PSU, Motherboard and both IDE
drives all got fried somehow. One day it worked, the next day when it was
turned on, it didn't.

I now have a meatier PSU, Motherboard and my lone SATA drive in the system.
The motherboard is an ASUS A8N-SLI Premium and the lone SATA drive is
running off the SATA1 port on the motherboard. If I introduce another SATA
drive into the mix, I assume that the system can determine which HDD to read
for the OS as there is only one present.

If I put the alternative OS onto the other (new) SATA drive, will the system
assume that SATA1 is to be booted first or will it not know which one to use
as there are 2 Operating Systems present? I am hoping that the SATA1 drive
will be checked first, which can use a boot manager to define which OS to

Are all of these assumptions correct, or should I be looking for more IDE
drives to use instead?

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Re: How to use a PC with only SATA drives present

Typically, you can choose which hard drive to boot from within the BIOS
settings.  On my system, I've got a PATA(IDE) drive and 2 SATA drives.  I
can choose to boot from any one of the three.


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