How to setup netgear dg834g router to aol

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I have purchased a netgear dg834g router and would like to setup a home
network,i have windows xp,i would like someone to guide me through from
the start to finish.

Re: How to setup netgear dg834g router to aol

On 12 Jan 2007 06:51:02 -0800, "boma"

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Isn't that what the Netgear router manual would do?

You mention nothing about what you have, and/or have
working, so there's nothing reasonable to post
comprehensively on usenet.

If all your network is already working, plug the router's
LAN port (or any one of the switch ports on most modern
routers) into a system, and the next port for the next
system and so on, or use to uplink to a router or switch,
access point, etc for the other systems.

Plug your (usually, in a home environment) cable or DSL
modem into the WAN port.  See the router manual for the
browser configuration webpage, set the systems to use DHCP
to be configured from the router.  Acess the router webpage
and make any changes.  Contact your ISP and register the MAC
address of the router with them.  

Re: How to setup netgear dg834g router to aol

boma wrote:
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    "Smart Wizardô detects/connects to your ISP"

It says here, the Smart Wizard takes 20 minutes of your time to set up.

The picture in the manual, shows the unit has four LAN ports for wired
connections. What I would do, is run the Smart Wizard, entering account
and password (to your ISP) when appropriate. Your PC should be set up
for DHCP, so your PC can detect the router. Maybe the Wizard will do
that for you. Then I would disable the wireless section of the DG834G,
as that saves having to learn anything about wireless security :-)

My guess would be, install would be like this. A filter is installed,
for each ordinary telephone. The connection from the DG834G to the
phone jack, should be direct. The low frequencies go to the phone, and
the high frequencies go to the ADSL port (RJ-11 jack). The high
frequencies are what carries the internet data. The filter prevents
"garbage" from going into the ordinary_phone. And the setup will not
work, until your telephone company has enabled ADSL on your phone line.
(Even after they get the order, it can take *days* before the datafill
is entered at the phone company.)

   Phone_line ----+---- filter --- ordinary_phone
                  |           RJ-11
                  +--------------> DG834G-ADSL-router
                                   |  |  |  |RJ-45
                                  Lan Ports |
                                            +---> to_your_computer

Seriously, it takes about a week of reading and tweaking, to get a thing
like that set up properly. The last step for me, was to use a network
based scanner, to check that all my ports were closed. Even if we read
the manual for you, we would be missing the ability to "test for
correctness". You may be surprised/shocked to find, that the most
secure settings are not used by default, which is why every one of
these high tech gadgets needs a thorough review by the owner.

At the very least, remember to change the password on the setup to the
device. Write the password on a PostIT note, and stick it to the DG834G,
so you won't forget. Also include your ADSL account number and password,
as they are easy to forget as well.


Re: How to setup netgear dg834g router to aol

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Except that the o/p states he wants to connect to AOL/ I'm presuming he
means AOL broadband. If so, he should Google about a bit for settings as
every one I've set up so far needed slightly non-standard settings.


Re: How to setup netgear dg834g router to aol


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The only thing coming immediately to mind is the need to set the MTU to


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