how to remove alt. OS when I boot

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I have a w2k system which I wanted to reinstall on a drive that needed
to have the OS reinstalled.  But instead of wiping that hdd,
I had a same size harddrive which had held an xp os, so I put my w2k os
disk in it to wipe it.  (That way I could have 2 hdd's in my puter and then
pick and choose what data to keep
from the old w2k hdd without the concern of loosing any data and move
the good data to newly installed hdd over a period of time.)

The w2k os installed on the old xp hdd but I noticed one difference. After
I deleted the partitions, I normally have the choice of installing FAT or
when I install w2k.  This time, I only had the choice of NTFS.

Now even though I deleted the old partitions and reformatted, the POST comes
up and then offers me the choice of
which OS to go to (w2k or xp).  If I choose the xp, there is nothing there
it stops and says problem with proceeding.  If I choose w2k, it opens into
w2k normally.

How do I remove that choice of xp in the POST???   I don't want to be
there with a choice every time.  If I leave it alone, it does time out to
the default
choice which is w2k, but that adds about 30 sec. to the POST time.



Re: how to remove alt. OS when I boot

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Re: how to remove alt. OS when I boot

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I had almost the same problem but ended up with the choices being Win2K
or Win2K. I new I only had one bootable version.

The problem is, indeed, in the boot.ini file.  I did a search and found
3 copies, 1 in C:/, one under My Documents or some such and one under a
c:.../SC/backup directory.  I think one of them is actually a
link/shortcut to the one under C:/.  You can use a text editor like
Wordpad or Notepad to edit the file(s),  since for reason MS, in their
non-infinite wisdom, didn't include MSCONFIG in WIN2K.


Re: how to remove alt. OS when I boot


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