Hot Dcking a SATA HDD

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I notice that some new motherboards (like the ASUS 955) have external SATA
HDD plugs on the rear panel. Although cable length is a bit limited, this
could be a very useful feature.

Question is (as long as the drive is not reading), can you plug and un-plug
the HDD just like an external USB HDD?


-- Bob

Re: Hot Dcking a SATA HDD

Bob Adkins wrote:
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I have read that hot plug is part of the SATA specs. So, you should be
able to. All my SATA drives are internal, so I've never tried it.

Let us know how it works.


Re: Hot Dcking a SATA HDD

Suddenly, without warning, Clyde exclaimed (11-Jul-05 4:23 PM):
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Could be wrong, but I think that hot plugging is only available with the
  newer SATA specs.  I suspect that both the HD and the mobo need to be
able to support it.  My board doesn't support it, but I think my newest
SATA drive does.

Not really sure though, as all mine are internal as well, and hot
swappability wasn't one of my buying points.


Re: Hot Dcking a SATA HDD

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I believe you are correct jmc. SATA-2 supports it IIRC. You must make sure
that both the SATA controller and HDD are SATA-2. Does that MB also have the
SATA power outputs on the back panel? Just wondering.....


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