Homebrew computer from logic gates etc.

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I've been searching the threads throughout the day.  I cannot find any
useful references to information about designing and building a
computer from logic gates, flip flops, etc.  The information seems to
be scattered and incomplete.  I have some experience with digital
electronics.  I'm interested in learning a lot about the architecture
of computers while producing something slightly useful and if nothing
else amusing to watch (LED's).  I have a book containing specific
information on many types of circuits that would be very useful in
building a computer from scratch, however, the information about
building a computer is limited.

If anyone could point me to some solid resources, I'd be very


Re: Homebrew computer from logic gates etc.

put finger to keyboard and composed:

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In the 1970s Electronics Australia produced a kit which they called
the EDUC-8 (educate). It appears to be exactly what you need:

 http://www.ljw.me.uk/educ8 /
 http://www.educationaldigitalmicrocomputer.blogspot.com /

IIRC, I have most of the ICs, and possibly the switches as well. You
can have them for the cost of postage.

Silicon Chip magazine should still have the reprints (one of their
employees designed the thing).

 http://www.siliconchip.com.au /

If you want to progress to the next stage, ie a bit-slice
microcomputer, I have some AM2901 ALUs and an AM2910 microsequencer
which you can also have for free.

-- Franc Zabkar

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Re: Homebrew computer from logic gates etc.

See http://www.computermuseum.20m.com/popelectronics.htm for the
computer article that led to the personal computer.


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