High processor usage

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Fresh install of Windows XP Home , Office 2003 and Mcaffees IS 2006.

Pc is real slow responding to everything.

TAsk manager put cpu usage at 99% woth a mcafee compnant hoggin 75%

Disable that componanat and another shows 75% and so on

I have tried a virus scan but nothing.

Any ideas

Re: High processor usage

hey budddy

i think that u might be using a pirated copy of mc afeee

or this new version of mc afee is problematic.

so try to uninstall this 2006 version ..

install 2005 version and update its virus definitions

Big Brian wrote:
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Re: High processor usage

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Its a bonafide copy as purchased at time the new hard drive was purchased.

Re: High processor usage

On Mon, 10 Jul 2006 20:03:31 GMT, "Big Brian"

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Uninstall everything McAfree, everything Norton/Symantec,
and any other so-called "suites" that are more bloatware
than anything else.

Unfortunately these companies think so little of users that
even uninstalling may not actually remove ALL of what they
installed in one pass, you may have junk left behind to get
rid of.

You could seek patches from McAfee, but even after patched
it'll still be bloated crap that is best avoided.

Re: High processor usage

On Wed, 12 Jul 2006 08:49:55 -0400, kony wrote:

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I have become very cautious with software applications that have become so
large, that they tend to take over your operating system. I use Norton
AntiVirus on one of my PC's and it is totally annoying how it just takes
over my PC now and then. I definitely would not want to install anything
else from the Norton suite; I am just in need of the anti-virus. I can
imagine you may be having the same problem with McAfee. Sounds like it
either is buggy or is conflicting with something in your system so that
certain security checks are repeated again and again, i.e. it is buggy.

On my other computer I am using for anti-virus protection a freeware (for
home/private use) called AntiVir, and it is far more willing to let me be
the master of my machine. I still am bothered by a daily database
update but at least its not slapping my wrists for disabling my
auto-windows-update ;).

/Steve, Denmark

Re: High processor usage

coolsti wrote:
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