Hi i overclock my cpu need help

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Hi i have a amd athlon 64 3200 and i overclock it so it will run at
2.2ghz.It works fine but like the next day i turn my computer and its
back at 2.0ghz.Why does it go back by it self.Im running windows xp.I
set it up in bios it says cpu speeds so i set to 220.then a day later
it will be at 200.Help???

Re: Hi i overclock my cpu need help


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i suspect some element of your overclock (maybe the HT
multiplier or FSB, induced memory speed) is not so stable
that it can post like that from cold-off, so the system is
defaulting to a failsafe setting.

To fix it you'll have to figure out which is the problem,
preferribly by isolating the variables.  For example one
time leave everything the same except lower the HT
multiplier.  Try  it, then next time leave everything same
but lower the memory speed (ratio), and try it again.  Next
lower the HTT speed enough that raising the memory ratio
puts the memory back were it was (now) so only the HTT and
CPU is lower.  Try it, and also try higher voltages for
memory and cpu... just a little higher, so you don't risk
frying anything.

Hi i overclock my cpu need help

Hi overclock my cpu.but when i restart computer it goes back to the old
setting.In bios frequency/voltage control what is this it says -async
pci clock control mine is set on disable,but there are other choices
33.3mhz,37.5mhz,and 40.0mhz.do i set it one of them to overclock?

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