Help needed - ram upgrade problems

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I recently purchased 512 MB of ram for my Anthlon 1800+ to upgrade it to 700
something MB. Ever since I've done that and play doom3, I get a blue screen
with some sort of error. They're never the same. Latest one that I got is a
driver irq problem and as technical information it's STOP:0x000000D1
something something... Then cmaudio.sys address......  . Computer then
begins to dump the physical memory  and hangs or reboots depending on the
When I play the game with my old 256mb chip it all works fine. What am I
suppose to do about it? Should I reinstall windows as it might have gone
crazy at some point (shouldn't but it's made my Microsoft so wouldn't be
surprised either) or doom (doubt that the game is the problem as it works
fine with the old chip and with the new one sometimes the computer goes
crazy even at the log in screen) or should I get the chip exchanged?
Some technical specs of my comp.
Anthlon XP 1800+
Asus A7V333 motherboard
RAM: 256MB by Seitec
            512MB by Elixir.
onboard sound
Geforce MX 440 video.
Thanks for your help.

Re: Help needed - ram upgrade problems

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What happens when you put in the new 512 MB stick alone?  If it doesn't boot or
has some other problem, it's likely the wrong type of RAM or a defective stick.
If it works alone, there is some kind of conflict between the 2 sticks.

Does your motherboard support that combination of RAM?

Re: Help needed - ram upgrade problems

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1. Have you run memtest86 yet?

2. What version of windows are you using?

3. Can you really play Doom3 on THAT old video card? :-)

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Re: Help needed - ram upgrade problems

Well, you didn't give enough details for a confident answer, but for
instance if you are using Win98SE as your OS, that OS can only rcognize up
to 512 MB TOTAL of RAM.  If more is installed the computer becomes unstable,
as yours does.


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