Help i sold my old computer.

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Help i sold my old computer on ebay it was in a1 condition.Cleaned and
check everything.Ship to custumer packed great.He said that the AMD
Socket 462 Heatsink Retention Module clips broke off.So he took
motherboard out and tried another one,now he says ram does not work.So
he said he can send back the video card,memory,modem,network card,and
hard drive and cd-rom and i can resale them,and he wants refund.I had
it insured thru ups for 200.00,that is what he paid for it.He told me
to call ups to try to get refund.What would you do?It was in perfect
shape when left my house.

Re: Help i sold my old computer.

Interesting situation. Understandably things can happen in shipping. I've
had heatsink clips pull out of boards just sitting on the floor. Normally
I'd say ship the PC back and get a refund, but after he pulled it all apart,
who knows what he may have done? Who knows if he didn't break the clips,
screwing around with it to begin with?

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Re: Help i sold my old computer.

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If it broke from shipping, then it's the shipping company's fault.  Tell
him to make a claim for the $200.
Michael Cecil / / /

Re: Help i sold my old computer.

On Mon, 02 Apr 2007 18:49:06 -0500, Michael Cecil

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The procedure is (whoever, in this case the recipient)
notifies the shipping party (the person who paid for the
shipping and the insurance) and the shipping party makes a
claim with the shipper.  At that point the ball is in the
shipper's court what to do next, for $200 they may send an
"agent" to inspect the goods.

Re: Help i sold my old computer.


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Did he contact you at that point and wait for your reply
before doing anything more as you wrote below?  If so, what
was your reply?

If you sold a system whole and he began stripping it down to
do things, he has "used" it to an extent that he is not
entitled to a refund it if was sold as a whole system
instead of a bunch of parts that just happened to ship
installed in a case already.  I have actually sold systems
like that, specifically stating "I'm just putting the parts
into a case because that's as easy a way to ship them as
finding packaging for it all", but then I was giving the
case to the guy for free and he had the option to opt out
and get parts all packaged separately if he'd wanted.

Main point is, if you sell something as a whole "thing", any
implied warranty is gone when that thing is taken apart
unless stated otherwise.  This is also subject to any other
terms of sale you might have had, we don't have all details
of the transaction.

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Well it might not, but you if you sold these as a *matched*
set for the system, it doesn't matter.

What does matter is that the board didn't arrive intact.
Did you pay for special handling through the shipper or just
normal package rates?  If not special handling, you may have
set yourself up for an argument trying to get your insurance
to cover this, but it is worth a shot as you can't put the
entire burden on the buyer when it arrived broken.

At the very least he's entitled to a replacement
motherboard, but since he questions the fitness of the
memory, he should be offered replacement parts or refund at
your discretion, if he ships the entire thing back as it was
shipped to him.  If you feel like essentially parting out
the system and offering a partial refund, that's up to you
but if you get into a situation where it's like a
negotiation about what everything will cost, it can become a
real PITA to resolve, it is easier to just have him send the
whole system back to you.

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Do not negotiate towards him keeping what he wants.  Have
all parts returned or no parts returned.  All means every
last thing including the damaged motherboard and every piece
of packing foam.

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The shipper may want to examine the parts, he's going to
have to have it assembled as shipped.  They may reject the
claim or offer you only partial refund so after they have
inspected it and contacted you, at that point the buyer
ships it back.  Whole system I mean.

He gets a refund or replacement whole system (which can
include all parts except the board if another board works
with that memory), based on the terms of sale you set,
except that you will now have to examine all parts to be
sure he didn't damage them.    If you didn't set terms, it's
up to you and he how to negotiate it but I would just have
the whole thing returned and ask him if he wants whole thing
with good board, tested with that memory, and to install the
heatsink himself this time, or a refund.  It is always the
best conservative action to fall back on the idea that whole
product is returned for whole refund, minus shipping (again
your terms hopefully make mention of these things).

It's hard to say what really happened though, if a socket's
lugs break off during shipping the heatsink will fly around
and can do quite a bit of damage.  Sometimes I shipped
systems with the heatsink uninstalled and the PSU-board
connector unplugged so the system wouldn't start w/o poking
inside to see the heatsink was off.  You never know who will
plug in a system and press the button without putting 'sink
on, otherwise.

You might state you have a standard policy to have whole
thing shipped back but that he is welcome to suggest another
alternative that you have the discretion of accepting or

Re: Help i sold my old computer.

carm wrote:
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This guy had two choices one of which was NOT to disassemble the system.

1. return it to you the way it arrived

2. file claim with the carrier

He is not entitled to anything now

Re: Help i sold my old computer.

In My opinion you have 2 choices.........hard ass or nice guy
hard ass took it apart you keep it...tough luck
nice guy choice....send it ALL back to you upon receipt refund the money

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Re: Help i sold my old computer.

I would say to him to bad so sad. He stripped it. Its none of your business

Re: Help i sold my old computer.

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It was his responsibility to inform the shipper or damage in shipping.
Inform him that he must do so.

Note: since he tool it all apart he probably invalidated the claim...
his fault not yours.

The best he could do it put it back *exactly* as he got it...then file...

but either way it was his fault for not following correct procedure...not

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Re: Help i sold my old computer.

He should not have tampered with the unit - he should have notified

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He want's to send the cards back but not the case and the mobo... how
odd, why is this.. do you not think an explanation is required ?

Ever thought it might be an easy way to get a working mobo or

You say it was working and that he doesn't, no way does that allow him
to pull it to pieces....  and then complain, also you don't know what
HE has done to it good or otherwise at this stage.


Re: Help i sold my old computer.

On Apr 3, 8:31 pm, n...@spam.invalid (Davy) wrote:
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Maybe i should have him just send the motherboard back and give him a
refund for it?

Re: Help i sold my old computer.

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Maybe i should just give him a refund for the motherboard if he sends
it back?

Re: Help i sold my old computer.

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Goto the ebay questions&answers forum here And ask there for advice,
they`re very knowledgeable and helpful on matters like this.

Re: Help i sold my old computer.

<SNIP> He said that the AMD Socket 462 Heatsink Retention Module clips broke

Poor packing job contributed to this situation. UPS can be brutal. USPS has
worked out better for me. Take it all back. Offer a refund. Sell the bits
that are still good on ebay. Not worth struggling with UPS or the customer.
Just move on.

Heavy cpu heatsinks are known to break off the small plastic retention
clips. Common carriers will toss, push, drop, and shove your parcels. The
claim process is a PITA and unlikely to provide satisfaction.

If the heatsink came loose and was flying around in the case it may have
damaged components, like the ram and mobo.

If the customer wants any refund he should return the entire piece. Only
accept less if that is your choice to cut the shipping cost. Why wouldn't he
return the mobo too? There is a chance you are being scammed by the buyer.
Ask for pics, "to aid in the claim process", if you have any suspicions.

For the motherboard, I'd investigate whether another heatsink could be used.
Get a heatsink which can use three lugs on each side of the socket. Some
80mm fan versions, $5 and up, have this type of clip.

The customer should not swap parts around without first contacting you. He
may have killed your ram with that other motherboard.

The customer should notify you ASAP if there is shipping damage, save the
packaging, and take pics when possible (items & box).

I would negotiate for a better settlement if the customer did not save the
packaging, and/or messed with the gear without permission. Settle for having
the buyer pay for return shipping under those circumstances. Your packing
and the carrier you chose caused this buyer to receive damaged goods.

Dave H.

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