Help: Booting And Installing From DVD Drive

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I have an HP Pavilion 7955 that didn't have a hard drive, so I put in
a 164G Serial-ATA Hitachi Deskstar(HDT722516DLA380). There is a light
blue connector that has a small PCB plugged into it that allows the
use of a SATA drive with the motherboard. And the drive is the only
one on it's cable.

I want to try to install XP from a DVD. But the screen that shows the
boot order is as follows:

Boot Device Priority
CD-ROM Drive
+Removable Drives
+Hard Drive
Network Boot

Though the DVD drive is found by the BIOS, it doesn't show at all in
that Boot Priority screen.

Is there a way to get the DVD-ROM drive into this list?

The CD-ROM and DVD-Rom are on a single cable with it terminating at
the CD-ROM.


Darren Harris
Staten Island, New York.

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