Help: Blank Desktop Problem

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I'm posting this from the local library because last night I attempted
to do the "right thing" and run a full system scan using Avast!

When I got up it was "finished" except that now it offered the option
for a "boot scan".

I didn't want to have to go all day without my system while it was
scanning and so re-booted  in an attempt to get back on line.

Now, wvwn though I can get as far as my Desktop, the task bar and the
icons do not load. So I cannot do anything. I even have to pull the
plug out of the case in order to turn off the machine.

I can bring up the Task manager.(For all the good that does).

I'd appreciate any ideas on how to correct this problem.

My system is a Dell, Pentium 3, 833mhz, 512mb, running Windows XP.


Darren Harris
Staten Island, New York.

Re: Help: Blank Desktop Problem

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If you can start task manager then you can start anything you want
from there - there is a Run dialog on the File menu.  I'd suggest
"explorer" in the first instance to see if you fire up the desktop
and taskbar manually.

Andrew Smallshaw

Re: Help: Blank Desktop Problem

On 5/18/2011 6:03 PM, Searcher7 wrote:
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See if the system will come up in the SAFE mode using the F8 key.  Then
if real lucky just rebooting might bring the normal mode.

You might be able to use a system restore point provided the system
comes up using the F8 and restore the system to a date/time prior to
when the problem was created.

If the F8 does bring up the safe mode but the above has not fixed things
yet you might need to do a repair install from the safe mode.

As a last resort Dell usually has a restore partition on the hard drive
when they ship it to you that is accessed by holding down one of the "F"
keys during a boot sequence.  Unfortunately the "F" key is different
from model to model and I don't remember what yours uses.

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