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Hello everybody.
I'm using a ASROCK motherboard model P4I45D and the manual says that it only
supports P4 478Socket CPU but it does not says up to what.... also it says
that it supports either SDRAM 133Mhz up to 2GB and DDR266 up to 2GB however,
I've updated the BIOS from version 1.0 to version 2.3 now and I think that
it does support now DDR400Mhz.

My questions are...

1) What top CPU can I have in this motherboard?

2) What top speed ram can I have in it?

3) The BIOS mentions something about  HT Technology so is it fair to assume
that it does support the P4 800Mhz FSB????

Thanks to anyone that makes the effort to help.

Happy new year.


Re: Help anyone???

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Hi Carlos, here`s the web site. Perhaps you should D\load the manual for
your model to see if it gives any further info.

Re: Help anyone???

On Sun, 08 Jan 2006 20:17:48 +0000, Carlos Arruda thoughtfully wrote:

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Carlos ever hear of "Google"?  It is the premiere search engine on the
internet at

Enter "ASROCK motherboard model P4I45D" in the title bar and you should
see a lot of entries.  Click on some of the entries for the ASROCK company
and eventually you'll find your answers.  

In case that is too much for you, try this link:
before asking more questions about your motherboard.

Re: Help anyone???

This is the CPU support list for the board.

It lists Willamette and Northwood CPUs, but only in the 400 MHz and 533 MHz
FSB (front side bus) varieties. (The 533 MHz support is supposed to be
through a form of overclocking.) The only HT CPU on that list is the 3.06
GHz model. The 800 MHz FSB CPUs are not officially supported, nor are the
Prescott CPUs.

The P4I45D+ is supposed to be overclockable to support the 800 MHz FSB chips
and the Prescott CPUs. Why the P4I45D would not be, I don't know. They use
the same 845D chipset.

Lookiing a bit farther, I find:

It looks like you might be able to use an 800 MHz FSB CPU if your P4I45D is
Rev 3.0, and you install BIOS 2.30. (There's not a lot of information
available on this, as far as I found. The newest BIOS revision is more
recent than the latest downloadable version of the mainboard manual.)

I don't own a P4I45D. I had a similar Asus P4PE. Asus allowed overclock
settings to use an 800 MHz FSB Northwood, but they recommended that only a
single stick of DDR memory be used with that. I never tried it, though: I
upgraded to a mainboard with the 965PE chipset, which officially supported
the 800 MHz CPUs, plus dual channel memory.

I suggest avoiding spending a lot of money on upgrades for this board. It's
probably less than 5 years old, but that makes it seriously obsolete by
current standards.

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Re: Help anyone???

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Thanks everybody 4 the help.

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