Heat problem ??

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Here is my problem, and I'm not sure it's an over heat one

When I'm trying to play, or load other application that utilize the CPU at
100% for long time the computer is turned off and start to hear a siren.
I have to turn the electric cord off to be able to turn it on again. Turning
the computer off in the button is not enough.
In the BIOS it set up to warn when the CPU temp get to 60c, and turn it off
at 66c. No option to set anything else - System temp, Fan speeds,
Using FanSpeed, MBM, AbitEQ shows a CPU temp of about 58c when the computer
shut off. I get no warnings before. This is lower temp then temp set in the
The normal working temp is about 50c.
Using FanSpeed, MBM I noticed the - volts are wrong. -12V gives -7V only,
and -5V gives -2.5V only. These can't be seen in AbitEQ not in the BIOS.

Here is my system spec:
MB - Abit NF7-S2
CPU - Sempron +2400
PSU - 400W
GraphicCard - nVidia 6800LE AGP

Case Fans - 2* ThermalTake Smart Case Fans, one blow in and the other blow

Any idea ?
Any suggestion ?


Re: Heat problem ??

Tal Fuchs writes:

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An undersized power supply?  If it is overloaded, it might overheat
and shut down, and voltages might drop at the output as the overload

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Re: Heat problem ??

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Ther's your problem the one blowing in, is the problem the one blowing out
can not extract fast enough. How do i know i had the same set up with my

The solution i use is this i got a 120mm fan and made the hole on the side
of the case bigger to accomadate removed the other fan. temp dropped by 5c
so from 58c at idle it is now 53c idle.

Or have both fans extracting should solve your problem as well

My CPU AMD athlon 3200XP

Re: Heat problem ??

On Sat, 24 Sep 2005 11:26:14 +0200, "Tal Fuchs"

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Overheating most likely, check the motherboard manual for
the types of events that are monitored and would produce
this siren alert.

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That's way too low.  Adjust the temp up higher, at least to
72C.  Run Prime95's Torture Test to determine a more
accurate ceiling temp before errors are produced (In Prime95

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It's too close, change the temp in bios and see what effect
it has.

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Are the fan air passages mostly obstructed by stamped metal
grills?  If so you may need to open them up more.  It's
possible to keep above parts cool (enough) with two fairly
fast running fans, but only if they're working as
efficiently as possible.  The other front intake areas might
be an issue as well, for example IF the front plastic(?)
bezel further restricts air intake.

I'd not worry about those things until after increasing CPU
temp some, as there is no reason to have a system shut off
at a mere 60C when that is within it's regular operating
range.  It would be a bit different if the system "never"
got above 50C, then one could expect there was some abnormal
failure to the cooling system.

Check that all fans spin and that there is no excessive dust
buildup.  If you suspect poor case ventilation after
checking fans and dust levels, also note the temp of hard
drives and video card, the two other components often
susceptible to elevated case temps.  If your intake fan is
on the side of the case instead of the front, it reduces
flow past the hard drives, usually.

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