Has soldering come loose?

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My Compaq(SerialNo. 8136FR4Z08RH) stopped booting telling me to change

Friend from India said, bring the motherboard here we will put a bit
of solder on key-mouse-motherboard.

Decided to scrap it.

Put it sideways to scavange it for hdd, cards.

Last ditch effort with keyboard-mouse in pressed key-mouse-connector-
tiny-box onto motherboard a little & powered it last time


Connected key-mouse work perfectly on other PCs but on this they
stayed dead.

Luckily usb-wireless Key-Sonic keyboard had arrived in the morning and
it worked.

Machine had to be shut to place it back in the rack.

But am afraid to pull out keyboard-mouse(though they are not working)
and to put machine back with those things hanging from there have to
get some ablebodied help.

Though http://h41111.www4.hp.com/compaq/uk/en/ might help but may be
my machine is too old.

Re: Has soldering come loose?

On 15 Feb 2007 06:33:58 -0800, joshidm@gmail.com wrote:

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Could you reword everything above for clarity?

We shouldn't have to guess at what you mean or what else you
might have tried (like wiggling the connector or anything

Either the keyboard is bad or the motherboard, or the
motherboard is jumpered for 5VSB power to the PS2 port and
the PSU can't supply that much current (progressive failure
of PSU subcircuit if the board had always been jumpered to

Since the keyboard seems to have worked fine on another
system, it implicates the motherboard.   Pull it out and
examine it, if you think it might be cold solder joints, put
some flux on them and reflow the joint.  If instead the
physical PS2 port is damaged, it may need removed entirely
and replaced.  If instead the traces connecting the PS2 port
to the superIO chip or power are damaged, you may need to
try to repair them (but frankly, unless the system is of
high value, it could be as cost and time effective to just
replace the whole motherboard except you didn't even tell us
exactly what this system is exactly, a brand and serial # is
not sufficient to describe a system).   If it were a very
expensive server board, repair costs might be a lower % of
the value of the board.

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