Has anyone imported LAPTOPS from USA ?

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Hi all

I want to buy a lop top from USA.  I want to know do I have to pay any
import duty and vat on it. If so and how much ? Cheers

Re: Has anyone imported LAPTOPS from USA ?

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Firstly, you don't say where you are.  It is only by examining your
headers that I can determine you are UK based.

The answers to your questions are yes and yes.  Ring up your local
HMRC office to find out the duty rates, since they are a closely
guarded state secret.  Well, actually, that isn't true but the
tables of duty rates are only available in hard copy form at a cost
of several hundred pounds.

I very much doubt you'll find it worthwhile though.  Last time I
looked in to it the savings were miniscule.  That was when there
were two dollars to the pound.  The savings were more than offset
by the hassle and potential risks of dealing with a foreign company.

Andrew Smallshaw

Re: Has anyone imported LAPTOPS from USA ?

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My wife has done this a number of times yes you will pay Vat + Duty at the
current rate

also be aware that if you use a carrier like UPS/Fedex  they will also levy
a fee for collecting the due amount from you . If you use USPS which will
mean the Post Office or parcel farce will do the end delivery they usually
advise you by mail what the taxation amount will be and this can be paid

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