Hardware Problem - WinXP reboot...

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We have an older system, P3 800 MHz EB on an MS-6309 Lite motheboard.

This has been running WinXP Pro, and was joined to our work domain /
active directory.

It has worked faithfully for years. But recently it developed a random
reboot problem.

I tested the hard disk, and found that there were some bad sectors
popping up. So I replaced it.

I tried to do a clean install of XP, but when I got to the part about
network settings, the machine rebooted.

I tried using a different NIC, no luck, just a continuous reboot.

I used RAMEXAM to test the memory, took DAYS, but I pounded it with
every test. Memory test is good.

So if the memory test is good, and the hard disk is new, then WTF???

I figure it is down to either a flakey Motherboard, or a weak power

But I wanted to know if anyone has had a similar experience. And if
so, what was the problem???

All feedback greatly appreciated.


Re: Hardware Problem - WinXP reboot...

Sounds like a flakey motherboard to me.


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Re: Hardware Problem - WinXP reboot...

Check the motherboard for bulging or leaky capacitors.

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Re: Hardware Problem - WinXP reboot...

We have a winner! Give the man a cigar!

There were 5 x 2700 uF @ 6.3V Capacitors beside the CPU, and ALL of
them had slightly popped up tops. 2 of them looked like maybe a small

Since we just happen to manufacture electronic assemblies....

I used our rework equipment to remove that offending parts. They were
replaced with 2200 uF @ 25V since that is what we have in stock! ;)

Before rework this puppy could not even stay up for 5 minutes without
self-rebooting. So far, it has been up for almost 2 hours - looks
solid as a rock (time will tell).

Only trick was that the replacement caps were larger than the
originals in case size. So it looks a little wierd, but it works!

Thanks for the tip! :)

On Wed, 24 Aug 2005 00:02:09 GMT, "Tweek"

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