Hard drive surges

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After I boot up, I hear my hard drive rotates in surges - kind of like
intermittent howling. After I gently move the case, the howling
ceases. I wonder what could it be - defective hard drive or ...? I
mounted it with all 4 screws, so I donít think itís poor mounting.

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Re: Hard drive surges

Are you sure it is a hard drive making the racket or is it a fan starting to
fail? Your description of "surging" sounds exactly like that of a fan having
problems winding up. I've replaced several fans over the years for just that
and have never heard a hard drive do it. A paper towel roll core can become
a valuable assistant in listening in on what fans and such are doing. Hold
one end to your ear and aim the other end at fans etc. The sounds will come
through like a stethoscope....

Bob "hopelessly insane machine warrior" Troll

Re: Hard drive surges

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If you mean it spins up and then back down repeatedly, that
could be a symptom of an inadequate 12v power supply, but
it shouldn't stop because you move the case, unless maybe a
power connector is loose.  Are you sure it's the hard drive?
Cooling fans can howl due to bad bearings.

Re: Hard drive surges

On 4 Mar 2005 13:02:54 -0500, hitch

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Maybe a hard drive problem (check it with the manufacturer's
utilities), or maybe just that it's barely hitting a
resonant frequency with the case and/or components (like
fans, or another drive(s).  Also check that the drive screws
are tight and see if other areas of the case need secured,
metal slightly bent, taped (or whatever) to prevent case

Re: Hard drive surges

I had a sound just like this once that sped up and slowed down...
particularly on boot. Can't say that moving it would have changed it... but
that several coincidences seemed to be the issue only to turn out as not so
and I finally noticed that it was going to slow down on it's own sooner or
later and just rarely would it speed up on it's own after boot.

Then one day I was going to use the second CD drove that almost never gets
used and low and behold there was a CD in the drawer from way back when. I
used that drive so seldom that I never really noticed what a noisy drive it
was until then and was hearing it as it was checked down and occasionally
when Windows Explorer was looking for something.  Happens to all of us I
guess, those duh, slap the head moments... but I have since heard of one
friend and one relative who have both tried to track down a very similar
sound with a very similar find.

Can't say this is your situation... but it's one of mine that it brings to

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