Hard drive not being recognised when booting

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I am upgrading a PC using an ASUS P5GDC Deluxe motherboard and have
installed a 120gb Westan Digital hard drive and a DVD burner.

When I go into the BIOS the drive and burner are correctly identified.

The system boots from the Windows 2000 install CD and allows partitioning
and formatting and installation of the OS until the first reboot. Then when
the system is rebooting, it fails to detect the hard drive and stops.

The motherboard has the capability of running SATA drives, but none are
installed at this time.

I have checked all of the BIOS settings and they seem correct. The WD1200
HDD is identified in the boot order sequence.

Can anyone suggest why the drive shows in the BIOS but is not detected when
the system is booted? Any help to solve this will be appreciated.


Re: Hard drive not being recognised when booting

On Sun, 2 Oct 2005 12:23:07 +1000, "leftred"

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These two drives are the only ones in the system?
Did you jumper the WD drive for "single" instead of "master"
if it's alone on it's IDE channel?

Any other details might be helpful.

Re: Hard drive not being recognised when booting

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Yes, they are the only drives in the system at the moment and both on the
same channel jumpered correctly.

The motherboard has a Primary IDE socket and two 40 pin RAID sockets, plus
two master and slave SATA sockets.

I am going to go back and check the BIOS settings for the RAID to see if
that is the problem.



Re: Hard drive not being recognised when booting

On Mon, 3 Oct 2005 10:58:18 +1000, "leftred"

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It the drive is connected to a RAID controller you may have
needed to supply the driver floppy when first installing

Re: Hard drive not being recognised when booting

I'm not sure the question, I thought you said it installed fine until

the first reboot and would go no further.  That means it's not

booting at all.

What I would suggest is taking a look in the system bios and see what

devices are set to boot.  I would suspect your CD ROM drive is the

first boot device and it keeps booting to the CD instead of the Hard


Usually on a Windows install, the setting has to be changed mid-stream

unless the CD is removed.  Also, make sure SATA is turned off in the

system bios.  You have to install RAID drivers for the controller to

work.  SATA won't boot without them.  But, you said you aren't using

anything SATA, so shut it all down.  I'd install the drivers before

you do though, that way you won't have to struggle with it down the

road, when you finally do make the switch to SATA.

I think what you'll find, is your boot order is wrong, or your IDE

isn't set to boot.  Did you remember to set your new Hard Drive to

Master with the Hard Drive jumpers?  That's a common mistake I make

constantly.  She won't boot unless it's set as Master.

Hope this helps

Re: Hard drive not being recognised when booting

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The hard drive is jumpered as a master and it has a DVD Burner set as slave.
Both of those are visible in the BIOS as Primary Master and Primary slave.

The DVD Burner is set as the first boot device so that I can get the system
to boot from the install CD and that works OK. The problem starts when the
Windows install gets to reboot the first time. The boot sequence is still OK
because the system bypasses booting from the CD unless you press a key, but
when it tries to find the HDD it reports that there are no IDE devices
present and stops.

I agree that it may be a setting relating to the SATA and I will go back and
try that today. I have been away for a day and the PC is at another

Re: Hard drive not being recognised when booting

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I have the same board and there is a setting to activate the IDE controllers
in the bios. I think it is in one of the categories on the opening bios
screen. I use two SATA raid arrays and only my optical drives are on the
IDE. If I am not mistaken, the IDE is not bootable by default. If you don't
find the setting, email me and I will take a look and make sure what the
settings are and let you know. You also need to go to the Boot section and
also set the drive to be bootable. The bios settings in this particular
board are a bit confusing because it wants to default to SATA. There is only
one non-raid IDE controller on this board although the raid controllers can
be set for single drive use. You may have your HDD and CD installed on one
of those. Use the regular IDE controller for your optical drives and set
your HDD to "single" and place it on one of the raid controllers (set for
non-raid, single drive use). Even when the IDE raid controllers are set for
single drive use, optical drives don't like them.....:-). I wound up setting
my two as master and slave and installed them on the single non-raid
controller after banging my head for a couple days. All is well now.

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Re: Hard drive not being recognised when booting

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Thanks for your help. You set me on the right track and I have now got the
RAID1 array working.

One thing that is puzzling me now is a program that I installed, from the
ASUS CD, described as ITE IT8281 ATA Raid Controller.

 The shortcut on the Desktop shows it as Raid Manager. When you open the
program, it says that no controller is present and there are no drives
displayed. Did you find that too? All I can think of is that it may be
related to IDE ( not SATA) HDD's and that is the reason. If so, I can ignore
or uninstall it, as the array is built on SATA HDD's.

Thanks also to Kony and Dannysdailys for your responses.


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