Hard drive chattering noises???help

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HDRIVE= Maxtor 6L080P0
it's an 80gig drive bought it 3 months ago from newegg.

In the last 2-4 weeks it is chattering louder and louder.
It's very noticeable to me.

Is this a bad sign?

Re: Hard drive chattering noises???help

On Mon, 19 Jun 2006 11:18:24 -0400, Bob Brown

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Depends why it's chattering.  Possible causes of excess

-  not screwed into drive rack good (tight)
-  Drive rack not secured to rest of chassis good
-  Drive rack uses ill-fitting drive rails
-  rack or rest of case is very thin metal, especially with
more than one drive it can cause resonant effects
-  Very fragmented drive (filesystem)
-  Racoons playing ping-pong in your case
-  Drive failing (check it with Maxtor diagnostics software)

Yes, noise is bad.  Pinpoint the cause and then you know how
bad or how fixable.  Backup the data and see if the drive is
running hot.  If it's about dead, get an RMA from Maxtor.

Re: Hard drive chattering noises???help

Bob Brown wrote:
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  Yup. Go to the Maxtor site and download the drive test program. It
will tell you if the drive is going bad. Clicking on a hard drive
usually means it is failing.


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