Graphics card help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plsssssssss!!

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Hi all,
I hv a geforce 6200 on a asus p5pe-vm motherboard. the graphics card
is really a problem as many games like nfs carbon, transformers, nfs
ug 2 etc. do not run on maximum graphics. Also my board doesnt support
bios overclocking so overclocking by software doesnt really help(i m
from india, here temps r always roaring to 35+ degrees C). So i wanted
to know what can be done to do dis prob. If there is no possible way
to solve my prob, then plss suggest me a gud graphics card within $200
that supports my board. It would be better if the card could support
dx 10 games as well.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Graphics card help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plsssssssss!!

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Re: Graphics card help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plsssssssss!!

On Thu, 06 Sep 2007 08:40:23 -0700, coolBuddy

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I don't know what video cards cost in your market.  You
don't mention what CPU you have, so we can't know how much
overclocking might help, but in general your CPU isn't
likely to be a problem yet, the video card is by far the
largest bottleneck.  Replacing the video card should boost
performance by over 200%, and allow many features to be
enabled (not necessarily all features, but you cannot have
*everything* for only $200, it is why there are also more
expensive cards).

If I were to guess about what video cards might cost there,
I would guess you might be able to buy an nVidia 7900GS for
about $200.  While it is not a DX10 card, for the same money
you may not be able to find any DX10 card that is as fast as
7900GS is.  Other potential cards if they are affordable
there include an ATI 1950Pro, 1900, nVidia 7950.  

If all of these cost more than $200 there, the next step
down might include a 7600GT, 8600GT or GTS, ATI 1650.  All
of these are significantly slower than the 1950Pro or 7900
and if you wish to use this card for more than 1 year before
replacing it, I highly recommand buying at least the 1950Pro
or 7900GS, if not an even more expensive card like one of
the nVidia 8800 series.

Re: Graphics card help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plsssssssss!!

coolBuddy wrote:
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P5PE-VM is an AGP based motherboard. As of this date, there are no
DX-10 compatible AGP cards. The selections available will support
DirectX 9c.

This results page, shows typical video cards available for AGP, in
the North American market. Set the menu in the upper right, to 100 items
per page, and "sort by lowest price", to put the results in some kind
of order.

The 7800GS AGP and 7900GS AGP meet the $200 USD price target. The
ATI X1950PRO 512MB AGP version also meets the $200 price target.

There are some performance charts here. The X1950Pro does pretty well.

The hardware parameters of some of the cards are listed here: /

Near the bottom of this page, there are some power consumption
numbers, that can help you estimate how much of a problem it
will be to cool the various cards.

The best kind of video card coolers, exhaust the hot air out the
back of the computer. But you won't find that style of cooler on
many of the AGP cards. And finding after-market coolers, to install
on the video card yourself, will also be difficult for bridged card
designs (ones with HSI or Rialto bridge chips). Water cooling is
another alternative, but will add quite a bit to the cost of your
solution. The next best alternative, is to use a big fan on the
exhaust port on the back of the computer.

This is an example of a big fan. You plug a fan like this, into a
disk drive power connector, as the fan needs 1 amp of current. I
use a speed reducer, to drop the voltage to the fan, as this fan
can be pretty loud. You also need plenty of intake vent space on the
front of the computer, to encourage good air flow.

120x120x38mm fan 121 CFM, 12V @ 1 amp.

This article mentions that a new AGP bridge chip is
being introduced, so they can make 8400/8600 AGP cards. That will
bring DX-10 to AGP, but perhaps some months from now.

When you change the video card, don't forget to uninstall the
current video card driver, before you physically remove the
Nvidia 6200. Then change cards, install the new card, install
the new driver. Any time you change video cards, you should uninstall
the old driver as the very first step.


Re: Graphics card help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plsssssssss!!

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    You appear to have AGP video socket. I don't think you can get dx10 card
for this. If you use a high power card, check the PSU requirements.


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